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Lyrics listed in aqua were written for Glitter Punch Project.

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Lyrics by year:

2004 and Earlier
2007 – 2008


12:26 – 12:26 to Blackpool North, 22 minutes of solitary thought


A Little Risk – I’d like to tell you, a little something, that I’ve been hiding for too long now
A Missing Song
– Mapping out a melody, tracing through the triads
A Song For You – Take my hand and come and run out in the rain
All The Way To Yesterday – Feel the vibrations
Among the Ruins
– Like a bird among the ruins, my restless spirit roams
Ancient Hands – When you take something in Your ancient hands
Arrows and Flames
– I can’t sleep so I’ll strum into the night


Ballad For An Airport Fairwell – I don’t want to say goodbye when I know that you won’t be here tomorrow
Bittersweet – There’s a bittersweet taste in my heart
BOOMBOXX – I feel a frustration for you
By Your Side – And I don’t ever wanna leave your side


Cat Got Cream – Don’t you just look like the cat who got the cream?
– The memories of mistakes I’ve made still haunt me today
Closer – Closer to you, this is how I want to be, in these moments when it’s just you and me
Cry Holy – Your  voice, Lord, thunders over the ocean


Desert – The dead seed of what’s left of your faith falls to the ground
Digital Delight – And suddenly I’m dreaming again
Digital Dread – There’s one unread message in my inbox
Don’t Look Down – Out of site, out of mind, you’re not longer mine


Enough – Why is it never enough?
Everybody Changes
– You looked beautiful in your new dress


Fear – I’ve known despair, I’ve witnessed tragedy
– Lights camera action, so choose your weapon
Forever Anyway
– How would you like your heart: rejected now or broken later?
Forget – Don’t want to break another heart or lose a friend
Fragments – You’re still there under the park gate, in your red jacket and your blue jeans



Happy – Tap me on the shoulder, turn me round to face you, make me look in your eyes
Happy Too (The Lunerrrrs Theme) – You make me laugh, you make me smile, I grin just like a crocodile
Haunting – I am the cold under your door in winter, I am the last ring of your telephone
Hour of Need – Take hold of me, take hold of me, don’t let go of me in my hour of need


In My Hands – (Would you ever?) Why would you ever want me now?


Just To Have Known You – Driving in your car, you always play me the best music



Laser – Here in this infinitely lonely universe
Love Consume Me
– All I really want, really want, way down deep down
Love Songs
– Someone to hold my hand, someone to write our names in the sand


Maybe Now – I want you to be close, but I want you to be a million miles away
Meant For Me – Every night I try to push my thoughts of you out of my mind
Messing With My Mind – What are you doing to me? Why are you acting like this?
Micropause – Your eyes dismantle my heart
Mister Inventor – I admire your confidence


Naive and Invincible – Everyone’s a critic, and everyone’s an expert these days
Nothing Without You
– I’m learning all over again, all over again


Old Friend – How long’s it gonna be before I see a way to mend this wrong?
One Day – A moment eternal was held in your eyes and the music of a thousand songs
One Day Soon – It’s different for us because you and I have got the vision in our mind’s eye
Only You – Only You know who I am, only You know what’s on my heart
Open Wide – I’ll try not to hide, eyes open wide, praying that this time I won’t fall


Parting Ways (Be You)  – I love you, my friend
Primary Concern
– I will make it my primary concern
PxP – Pixel by pixel, line by line



Rebellious – Feeling like a rebel today, not the kind that could cause a revolution
– There’s nothing new that we haven’t used under this sun


September Again – September, and the air is charged with the chill of change
Shining Stage – Unfamiliar sounds, feel my heart beating faster
Shy – I love you, I love you, but I am afraid of you
Simple Things – I gave up the romance, I took down the pictures, but you’re still in my head
Sleeping Beast – Don’t make any sudden moves, can’t you see my beast is sleeping?
Something Or Nothing – I don’t know what to do about you, I’m not quite sure what to make of you
Sometimes – I guess I should be thanking you for giving me the chance to make a new start
Someone Quite Like This – What did I do to deserve you? It must have been something great
State of Alert – We have got to stand together on this one, ’cause I am tired of holding this fight alone
Stiletto Stamina – I can’t rock the floor in anything more than the incline nature gave me
Stitches & Tangles (Follow You)  – I walk to the edges of my garden, I go to the boundaries of my kingdom
Surgeon – Why is it like this? When I was younger, it didn’t matter this much


The Best Trouble – I got your voice in my head, but that don’t mean nothin’
The Clay Asks the Potter – The clay asks the potter, “Why did you have to make me so small?”
The Girl
– I wanna be the girl that keeps you company, that brings you round for tea and talking
The Sea – The story goes the foolish man built his house upon the sand
The Wrong Man – I always listen to my friends, especially when
This Chance – I’m moving on today, got my whole life packed away in one suitcase
Together Again (Open) – I’ve been putting myself back together again
Too Many Songs Called Goodbye – Come back for me, come back for me, darling
Troll Me – Troll me, it gets so lonely up here all on my own



Valentine Code – Creep up behind me


Wait – Don’t torture yourself with happy endings, don’t torment yourself with what might be
Waking Song – Don’t pretend you’re protecting me
When You’re Ready
– I know you trust me, I know you’ve loved me from the start
Who Am I – Who am I that I should be called to be your child?



You Won the Prize – You won, you won the prize
Yours – Life is so fragile, life is so finite, it can get so hard


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