A Few Good Days

It’s nearly the weekend! And it will be a busy one…

The hubby and I have been sleeping on a broken bed for about a month so we’ll be spending Saturday night building a new one. Chloe’s new cot has also arrived so we’ll be building that, too. I hope our flat pack construction skills are up to the job, but considering we’ve built shelves, chests of drawers, wardrobes and a sofa between us I can’t imagine that won’t be the case.

On Tuesday I’m going in to work to discuss plans to move me into a new role doing more involved web development work. A couple of people have left our team so it seems they want to promote from within the company first. I’m very grateful as this means the company must be keen for me to return and take on more responsibility. A lot of women don’t get that opportunity straight away after being on maternity.

I’m feeling a bit nervous about it as I know my skills are lacking at the moment. I know training would be provided but I’m worried I’ll be left to my own devices and not have very much support. The one member of the team I would have gone to with queries has left so I’m not sure who I can go to if I need help. I suppose I’m worrying about things that are far in the future. My (new) manager knows I’m not quite there yet in terms of skills but seems to think I have the ability to learn and grow into the role.

In domestic news, I’ve been having a few really good days in a row. The time seems to be passing more quickly for me now, though I still count down the hours before Dave gets home so I have someone to chat to. I nipped out to the Sainsburys this afternoon which was a nice little detour. Chloe was ever so good in her pram and just kept playing with her teething keys. These are all boring little tasks, I know, but they keep my mind occupied enough to stop me feeling that cabin fever.

I have one month and three weeks to go until I’m back at work. That’s a nice amount of time, I think. It means there’s enough time to savour Chloe being small, but it’s also close enough so I feel I’m working towards something.

I might do a bit of music recording this weekend. Yesterday, when I went to the mood management group I go to at the hospital, both ladies running the group told me I should do something for myself, so I suppose I must! I do find it difficult to take time for myself at the moment since I’m attentive to the needs of the baby and hubby. It’ll be nice to just be me for a little while.

Wish me luck for Tuesday…

Summertaim Naow

Such a difficult morning!

For those of us Europeans with farming ancestors, it was daylight savings this weekend, so 6:30 felt like 5:30, and the 7:25 I managed to haul myself out of bed at was, in fact, 6:25.

For some reason, possibly due to my housemate’s visiting dad being on the ball, our heating came on at the right time today. Unfortunately, this was not such as pleasant experience as I had a bit of a temperature and a very raw throat brought on by who knows what.

Every fiber of my being wanted to call in sick, but I had to get up because agency staff don’t get sick pay. Against my best intentions, I had to catch the ‘late bus’ at 8:30. Managed to catch it, but then about 10 mins after leaving the station, the electronics packed in which meant the doors would not close and the information at the front that normally lights up went pitch black. This meant eventually got on the ‘late late bus’.

Needless to say, my intention to get to work early this morning was well and truly scuppered.

Right now I think I could put my head on my desk and fall straight to sleep.


I have recovered somewhat from my ordeal. I’m actually able to keep my head upright. Victory at last! This means I can now have a little chat about my music, what ho!

The next project I am due to complete is In My Hands. I’ve very nearly finished the vocals save for some harmonies and ad lib near the end.

I’ll probably do something with the instrumental parts of the verses too since they’re too guitar-y.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of vocal + beat to get that old hip hop feel.

The Importance of Schmoozing

Wednesday…  The countdown has begun.  I get my first ‘I’m a grown-up living away from home’ wage packet this Friday, and it’ll come just as my bills are going out, so good timing on that one!

I had late pancakes last night, about 9pm, with my friend and housemate, Vicky.  I had intended for the Daviator to make an appearance, but discovering he had an exam the next day prompted him to take a pleasant evening of revision instead.

I bought 8p dry pancake batter mix from Asda; that’s 8p well spent, if you ask me.  We’re having a second attempt tonight, though this time making it from scratch, and with Mr. Dave present.


I’m going to have a good summer…  It’s decided.


Gonna be famous maybe…  Famous in a small, but perhaps critically acclaimed way. 

‘Critically acclaimed’ is reviewer code for “No one has heard of [Artist], but their music is arty enough to make those beret-wearing music boffins in London rub their chins in deliberation.   And yet I somehow still enjoyed listening to it in the car this morning.”

I’m really looking forward to having a high quality product to sell.  This will be my best work so far.  I’ve learned so much about recording these three years that I can now produce something that sounds pretty convincing even though I’m using budget (or sometimes free!) programmes to create it.

I’m thinking of copying a marketing technique I’ve seen a few artists do, which is to create a ‘street team’ on MySpace.  Then I’d invite the people I know want to support my music, asking them to promote me online, or in ‘RL’ (lol) so I could create a bit of a buzz, however fake.  It’s all about appearances in this industry.  If I can make it look like I’m more famous, or credible, than I am, then people will be more likely to drift towards my work.

Thank you, Mr. Les Gillon, for teaching our class the importance of schmoozing, bluffing, niche marketing, and other deadly sins.

Rant 1: CarylCake Confuses a Stereotypical Feminist

This is part in a series of rant-noodles I’ve decided to make. Today I had a conversation that simmered my blood somewhat, and reminded me of many other occasions where women had said similar things to me. I could go into details, but the bottom line is, people don’t seem to like that I’m not a driven career-woman type; I’m a housewife.
Call me backward, tell me I’m subscribing to the oppression of women that Pankhurst and Greer and Thatcher worked so hard to fight against, but stuff you, I’m gonna become the best darn housewife the 21st century has ever seen, and have a great time doing it.
When I get a job (and hopefully before the end of January) it will be for the money and the opportunity to help others, not to try and claw my way to the top and do plenty of man-bashing on the way. Human beings are human beings, regardless of sex, race, religion etc.
However, that doesn’t mean human beings aren’t all different with different traits. Of course I want to be treated differently from a man! Men get a raw deal these days, they just kinda mope around without purpose while getting an earful from women that they’re not ‘man’ enough. What is ‘man’ now? We’ve spent the past three decades trying to reinstate the purpose of woman, got it completely wrong, then messed up men in the process.
So, take that, feminism. You’ve done about as much harm as you have good, to both men and women, and I’m not standing for it. All I aim to do in this life is treat humans as humans, and ignore anyone that tells me I should be aiming to do anything different.
Thank you.