Vox Artis: Release Day

Concept Vox Artis is a quiet triumph. The original concept was to do with striving for unhindered expression, but there's a great deal of uncertainty running through it, too. A contradiction? Perhaps. But this was the very reality I was living in the six confusing years it took to complete. The phrase Vox Artis is … Continue reading Vox Artis: Release Day

Vox Artis: First and Second Singles

It's finally happening! I'm showing Vox Artis to the big wide world! This week I made my version of Andrew Huang's I Might Have Heard Your Words available for free download from bandcamp. Today I am releasing the mighty Micropause! You can buy it now, or wait until the full album is out, it's up … Continue reading Vox Artis: First and Second Singles