Potential Energy: My Pre-Promotion Strategy

For a long time I've sort of done half a job when it comes to the marketing and promotion of my music releases. Sometimes I made grand plans for promoting an album or EP, but one thing or another happened and I was lucky if I was even able to finish recording it. This happened … Continue reading Potential Energy: My Pre-Promotion Strategy

REMIX // Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

I'll tell you what, Glitter Punch have been getting around a bit lately... Since forming a year ago we've released three singles and two albums, been on the radio, done a photo shoot, recorded a cover song, hand-crafted limited edition CDs, made a making-of vlogging series, hosted a photo/video contest, launched a remix and cover … Continue reading REMIX // Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

NEW PREVIEWS // Flash Cannon! & Cat Got Cream [Unravelled]

Firstly, I must apologise. I didn't write a blog last weekend about the last preview from Synthesis, FlashGun. My excuse? Trying to finish Synergy! *panic panic* To remedy this I'll be writing about this week's preview as well as last week's. You may have noticed a bit of a shuffle-round of preview videos this weekend. … Continue reading NEW PREVIEWS // Flash Cannon! & Cat Got Cream [Unravelled]