A Few Good Days

It's nearly the weekend! And it will be a busy one... The hubby and I have been sleeping on a broken bed for about a month so we'll be spending Saturday night building a new one. Chloe's new cot has also arrived so we'll be building that, too. I hope our flat pack construction skills … Continue reading A Few Good Days

Song Seedlings and Proto-Rapping

Yo, peeps! So, I'm chillin' like the illest villain right now (because I'm actually ill), wearing yoga pants and a husband-me-down band hoodie, chewing gum and waiting for the Archer crowd to get home from my Grandad-in-Law's 80th birthday party (happy birthday, Derek!). I thought I'd take this rare opportunity of night-time stillness to have … Continue reading Song Seedlings and Proto-Rapping

My Little Studio Tour & Inspiration Board 2013

Hello all! I've left it a long time again, haven't I? Today I've been busy changing various bits on my official website, CarylArcher.com, namely my once disparate Discography that now has some semblance of order. My Little Studio Did I tell you? I've finished decorating my home studio, so now I have places for my many … Continue reading My Little Studio Tour & Inspiration Board 2013