The Little Cynic and the Sleeping Giant

I have been so unbelievably cynical. How could I have aged so much, become so calloused, in such a short time? I'm in my mid 20s and I talk about my work like I'm an old, weary producer past prime and longing for the good old days.  There has been something very wrong with me … Continue reading The Little Cynic and the Sleeping Giant


Weekly Music 1

This week's video: Stitches and Tangles (Follow You) Written: 27th July, 2005 Style: Blues/rock Instrumentation: Voice, Dave's Squire Strat Influence: Feeling Good - Muse The Song Stitches and Tangles is one of the bumper crop of songs that I wrote in 2005.  I tried recording it not long after finishing it, but my voice sounded … Continue reading Weekly Music 1