Caryl Archer is a singer songwriter, visual artist, mildly popular YouTube celebrity, and general creative person with a penchant for Internet culture.

This is her blog. Here you will find updates on her recording work alongside musings about music and Jesus.

The blog is also home to a large collection of lyrics from Caryl’s songs spanning back to 2004. Simply search for the song title or even more simply, click here for all posts listed in the lyrics category.

Who is CarylCake?

CarylCake is a music-making character who resides on YouTube and quests to make strange pleasant musical flavours resound through the pipes of the Internet.

In January of 2009, disillusioned music graduate, Caryl Sumner decided it was time to embark on an epic journey of creativity and self-discovery. That journey lead her to the reimagining of her existing YouTube channel, CarylCake – a name bestowed upon her by a fellow UCLan student. This began with the upload of the song Everybody Changes, written in 2005 around the start of her studies, marking a conscious decision to continue with her first dream of being a professional songwriter and composer.

Today the CarylCake channel boasts just over 1000 subscribers and has garnered attention from awesome music making people such as Dominic Cifarelli (Pulse Ultra, The Chronicles of Israfel) and Andrew Huang (Songs To Wear Pants To, Suture Sound, Your Heart).

With the launch of the video series, The Acoustic Cake Project in 2010, Caryl aimed to share her songs with the world in their raw and simple form without the distractions of high production values.

Troll Me

In 2011 Caryl released CarylCake: The Album alongside a tongue in cheek music video for masochistic love song and lead single, Troll Me.  After viral success and all-round winning, we see the close of the CarylCake 2.0 era and look onward to yet another new approach from our favourite Polymuse.