Vox Artis: Release Day

Concept Vox Artis is a quiet triumph. The original concept was to do with striving for unhindered expression, but there’s a great deal of uncertainty running through it, too. A contradiction? Perhaps. But this was the very reality I was living in the six confusing years it took to complete. The phrase Vox Artis is […]

Vox Artis: First and Second Singles

It’s finally happening! I’m showing Vox Artis to the big wide world! This week I made my version of Andrew Huang’s I Might Have Heard Your Words available for free download from bandcamp. Today I am releasing the mighty Micropause! You can buy it now, or wait until the full album is out, it’s up […]

Vox Artis: Reflection

This past couple of weeks has not been good for productivity. This week the Mac died on us (hard drive shot at, faulty battery, various other bits). We were able to get it booted up and back up what we needed to the external hard drive, but it meant I couldn’t continue work on my […]

Vox Artis: The go-ahead, the setback

Urrrrgh. I’m not doing too well just at the moment. The past few days have been fairly unpleasant as both myself and my husbuddy have contracted some kind of flu. I’ve just about had the energy to cook for us and keep us from drowning in used tissues, but everything else has fallen by the […]

Vox Artis: Recording the years, dispelling our fears

I have been at this album far. too. long. The earliest song in the main track listing was written in 2006. What on earth have I been doing for the past six years?? Well, I was studying a degree. Then I graduated and attempted to start working full-time (oh, economy. You so crazy!). Then I […]