Potential Energy: My Pre-Promotion Strategy

For a long time I’ve sort of done half a job when it comes to the marketing and promotion of my music releases.

Sometimes I made grand plans for promoting an album or EP, but one thing or another happened and I was lucky if I was even able to finish recording it. This happened with pretty much everything from Vox Artis onwards. In fact, Vox Artis was meant to be a full-length album rather than its five tracks, one cover,  one instrumental and one acoustic version.

Digital Delight was also meant to be a mini-album, but what with having had a baby, and then fallen ill, and then not having much recording time save for one or two days per month, I had to scale down once again. I was quite proud of the four tracks I did include, but the plan I had for promoting it, the music videos, the ‘content pillar’, that all fell by the wayside yet again.

This time around I’m planning to go big on both aspects of Loved & Lost: It’s gonna be a a full album – a concept album made up of 17 tracks, and I’m working on a pre-promo plan, a 12-week promo schedule, and then four or five weeks of post-promotion.

So, what do I have planned for pre-promotion?

Sourcing Remixes

I’m beginning to generate some good engagement on my main Instagram profile. I’ve even managed to introduce myself to some producers and remix artists who I hope will be interested in interpreting some of the songs for a later remix EP or similar. It’s just a vague idea at this stage, though I’ve had two people show interest and more should follow!

Homemade Music Videos

I’ve also managed to dig out some old art assets for a couple of music videos. One is for Digital Dread and the other for Suburban Explorer. Hopefully this will revive my YouTube channel just a little in preparation for the teasers, trailers and the main music video for Loved & Lost. I will be getting the music video filmed ‘properly’ this time and edited by the inimitable Matt, but for now I’ll just work with what I have to make some nice visuals for my older songs.

Throwback Thursdays

I know it’s pretty cliché, but I love the Throwback Thursday trend. I have so many obscure little things that I’ve made over the years, on YouTube and elsewhere. I’d love to be able to share those things with friends and followers who I’ve met more recently.

I find pretty often when talking to a newer friend, and the topic of my music comes up, they’re like, “I had no idea you did x! When did you did you do y?”. When I look back, I’ve dabbled in all sorts. That’s had its bad points, not finishing things, not having enough confidence in the things I did finish… But it also means I now have a whole host of quirky things to share with you all!

That’s all for now. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Love always,





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