Potential Energy: Introduction

I’ve started all kinds of new stuff this past month or two, and this time, it’s personal.

I’ve compiled tracks for a new concept album called Loved & Lost and I’ve started roping in some musician friends for collaboration and general picking of brains for the areas I’m weakest.

I’ve made a start on a 12+ week content plan for promoting said album and I’ve been gathering materials for it, as well as engaging in what’s known as ‘pre-promotion’ on all my social media profiles.

My mental health has improved greatly since my last entry and I’m beginning to feel much more like myself, in fact, more like the self I’ve always wanted to be.

I’ve taken up journalling again, both taking visual notes at sermons and church team meetings, and writing in a brand new notebook with my thoughts on writing music, serving as a worship musician, and making things.

I also find myself in more of a leadership position in the Worship Team at Emmanuel, and lead from piano at the last Devoted meeting. The team felt cohesive, and the congregation were really involved, so I’m thankful for the opportunity to contribute to what was a really edifying service. I’m miles away from where I was when I first lead on piano, back in 2005 at The (since retired) Late Service in Blackpool, when I was trembling and stressed up to the eyeballs. God has really worked on those areas and then put me in a place where I could feel supported and confident to lead.

I bought new furniture (and a load of fairy lights!) for my old room that I’ve now moved back into. I won’t be sleeping in there just yet as my little girl will be transitioning to her new toddler bed shortly and I don’t want to foist too many changes onto her too quickly. Plus, it’s quite nice to hear her rustling around during the night as I’m going to sleep (she’s a little treasure! <3). The new furniture is now housing my books and collection of craft supplies and file folders. I’ve thinned out and organised almost all my possessions now. It’s been a great stress reliever to know where all my most precious and useful things are, and to have jettisoned anything I didn’t need. I even have a desk with my recording equipment set down and ready to be used at a moment’s notice (if I could just find a few moments stuck together…).

This time around, much like when I neared completion on the work it did for Mirrorball Swing, I refuse to fall at the last hurdle.

I’m aware I still have most of the race left to run, but I mean that in the sense that this time I want to follow through on the whole and not scale down my original vision. This time around, instead chickening out and reducing the track listing, I want to create a conceptual epic consisting of 17 tracks, an album consisting of fully realised songs in chronological order documenting key moments in my life where I learned hard truths in both love and friendship.

Well, I think that’s enough to be going on with and a pretty detailed introduction of this new ‘era’.

Follow me online if you want frequent updates! I’m literally everywhere, so if the links in the sidebar and footer aren’t doing it for you, try a quick Google search.

Love always,


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