The Last Five Years

No, I’m not referring to the emotionally charged musical of Jason Robert Brown, The Last Five Years. I’m talking about the last five years of my own life.

I’ve been a bit down in the dumps lately about my lack of creative output. I seem to have forgotten that the ‘creative process’ of carrying a mini-Archer is a completely valid excuse for this, but there’s more to it than my pregnancy.

Dave reminded me last night of a few if the things that have changed for us since 2009.

I’ve moved six times across four cities and towns, had four different jobs and several bouts of unemployment, lived with a roommate, my family, my husband, and my husband’s family, got married, released solo and collaborative music projects, produced arty video series’, worked in various church roles, made a couple of patchwork quilts, written a few chapters of a novel, visited some of Europe, and of course, gotten past the half way point of my first pregnancy.

It’s no wonder I’ve skidded into the summer of my 27th year feeling somewhat exhausted.


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