Song Seedlings and Proto-Rapping

Yo, peeps!

Husband-me-down band hoodie

Husband-me-down band hoodie

So, I’m chillin’ like the illest villain right now (because I’m actually ill), wearing yoga pants and a husband-me-down band hoodie, chewing gum and waiting for the Archer crowd to get home from my Grandad-in-Law’s 80th birthday party (happy birthday, Derek!).

I thought I’d take this rare opportunity of night-time stillness to have a little natter about what’s being going on in my creative sphere of late.

You may have noticed that I’ve started posting little snippets of songs up on my Soundcloud. The aim of making these is to practice my music production skills and to get me out of this self-imposed rut where I need  to be writing and releasing concept albums, deadline: never. It takes the pressure off since they’re just little sketches, and while I might be forming some complex future song in my mind’s eye, to the listener they are quick, fun little ditties that don’t take much effort to digest.

One problem I’ve encountered while doing this is that I’m veering sharply through the electronic genres and towards… *gulp* hip hop. Now, I’m certainly not unhappy about this development, but it has lead me into the very scary territory of learning to rap.

You may have heard some proto-rapping of mine on the Glitter Punch track, Candy Rock Funk. If Matt hadn’t immediately said he liked it when I had first recorded it and shown it to him I doubt I would have even attempted to write any sort of rap-like rhymes ever again. Of course, when I was laying down said rhymes, I like to think I was somehow channeling this ‘Sister Sparkle’ persona we made for me. But how do I learn to rap as ‘normal’ me..?

Tonight I’ve been mumbling along to yesterday’s Beta Male Beat. I have written lyrics for it (a few lines off finishing!), but I wonder if I’ll ever be brave enough to record what I’ve written – let alone post it publicly!


In fact, I wonder where all of my song seedlings are going to lead me in terms of stretching myself as a recording artist. There are all sorts of possibilities with sound and delivery that I will need to explore to make these songs flourish.

Oh, and just as an aside, I had quite a lot of interest in my instrumental for Anxiety Trip. This is a track I’m certainly looking forward to recording some vocals for! Just some good, old-fashioned singing this time around, of course…

Fairwell, sound-listeners!


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