Little Diamonds Assemble! // NEW FAN ALBUM

As you should know by now, Glitter Punch fans are some of the best fans to have ever existed in the history of music fandom. How do I know this? Because fans like you make releases like Little Diamonds Assemble! a possibility. Little Diamonds Assemble! is a crowd-sourced album featuring remixes and covers of Glitter … Continue reading Little Diamonds Assemble! // NEW FAN ALBUM


The Obligatory ‘I’m not dead’ Entry

It feels like an age since I last posted! It's actually just a bit more than a month, but in blogging-years, that's rather a lot. I've been busy with many things including moving into our new house, recording prize songs from the Mirrorball Swing Photo competition and writing/recording new material for The Punch. I've also … Continue reading The Obligatory ‘I’m not dead’ Entry