NEW PREVIEW // Stiletto Stamina

This week it was my turn to show you what I’ve been working on EP-wise for Glitter Punch Project. Today’s preview is my rendition of the first track we wrote together, Stiletto Stamina.

I can’t say I liked the pressure of being producer… I’ve done recording for years and years, but the whole mixing and mastering thing is beyond me. For me it is the higher art form. I know a ton of people who can play, and play very well, but getting a recording to sound good? It’s a much rarer skill and I marvel at it. Thankfully Matt did the last bit for me and gave it a nice shiny finish.

That said, I did enjoy the process of recording. I used my new microphone to capture the sounds of me thumping and tapping the body of my guitar to mimic kick and snare sounds. It was also amazing at capturing a really rich strumming sound. So good for acoustic music!

I must apologise to Matt. I only got my side finished last thing Friday night and he had to work today… So it was a bit of a rush getting the video together. Sorry, man! I’ll totally make up for it. Probably with Pocky. Or maybe even pancakes.

So, I guess you want to hear it then? Share it if you love it!

Synthesis and Synergy


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