Jesus Loves Electro, Apparently.

I am (was) LIVID.

I asked my husbuddy to do a bit of internet digging to see if there was anything being done in the realm of Christian music in the electronic genres. I mean the harder dance styles, things you hear in clubs and blaring out of the mobile phone speakers of cheeky kids on public transport.

You know what the best thing we found was? This… (and I say this carefully since I have no doubt these people’s intentions were pure) this stylistic ABOMINATION.

The date of this show was 2007. I could understand completely if, for example, this was done in 1999. That would have made it passable. But, no! Two-thousand-and-flippin-SEVEN. I hate how the pre-amble goes on about redeeming the dance genres ‘for the Lord’ and then completely fails to deliver. It could have been great, but it ends up giving the rest of the world yet another example to add to the ‘Jesus isn’t cool’ pile.

This was a comment underneath that video. Seems I'm not the only one!

After calming down I decided Dave isn’t as good a ‘googler’ as me as I managed to track down this wonderful breath of fresh air, James Kenny Martinez. This is exactly what I was talking about.  He gets it! ” I believe that Music is a gift from God… I realize many of you love to escape into your music or go raving to escape everyday life and its problems. What happens after the party though?”

I have heard people call people my age the ‘lost generation’. They are educated, struggling to find work, or if they have found a job they are severly overqualified and desperate for a challenge. Their entire lives revolve around the weekend and that fleeting feeling of freedom that comes from a night out. They are in the clubs, listening to music that describes the life they live. I want to be in places like that.

Through Martinez I found a site called Granted, some of the webdesign is kinda cheesy, but the community is there. There’s passion for the new and a flexibility in their ethos. To quote their About page, “We want to point out that while not all of the tracks/mixes created by our members may be directly worship related, they all will be Christian appropriate.” I’ve been listening to their streaming radio and I have been loving it. Most of it is actually MODERN!

He is also connected to a place called HEAT Worship House in Canada that do rave nights and such. Their description says, “Electronic music, DJ’ing and putting on raves are a big part of how we express our faith and point hearts to Jesus. While the rave scene has a bad reputation for drugs and other sketchiness, we believe in clean parties with a positive vibe where music, dancing and artistic expression are the focus.” Now, I’m not sure how these guys actually sound, but the fact they’re even putting on nights like this is a massive step in the right direction.

Oh a whim I decided to google ‘electro Jesus’, but then I found THIS! OH MY GOODNESS YES THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. YES! I want to do THIS job, please! Jesus Loves Electro. How perfect!

So, where do I come in? I’ve talked before about how I want to write in genres that reflect the culture my generation lives in. Apart from this, there seems to be a lack of any songs in this scene. Like, things people can sing along to with as much joyful abandon as they do Party Rock Anthem or Barbara Streisand. You need a girly singer armed with original lyrics and an infectious melody, you do!

There are three electronic music producers I plan to work with this year. I think I want to get my training in. It’s no good me saying I want to be involved in that scene if I’m not actively working in it from the off. One day I hope to host or perform at a church rave, but for now I will be making tracks with these guys and seeing where that takes me.

I am so excited about this!

Jesus Loves Electro


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