The Deal

Pasta Disaster

Ok, so this is the deal. The deal with blogging and YouTube.

Pasta Disaster no longer lives on this blog. It has moved back to its first home on Blogger and can be found by clicking here.

My reason for this is that my ‘mind-noodles’ are supposed to be spontaneous drivel that have no bearing on what I want to achieve in life. I make them purely to let some of the crazy out of my head, and drawing is somewhat therapeutic for me during the winter months. I can’t say I like having them there interspersed with my ‘real work’. It makes things look disjointed.

This brings me to that most dreaded of topics… YouTube.

Working on Glitter Punch Project has really brought me out of my shell in the social media sense. I used to be quite afraid to share anything about my work. I would post links to new YouTube uploads to Twitter and Facebook, and then just leave it at that. I wouldn’t talk a great deal about a video or song afterwards either. One mention, one shot.

Truth be told I just didn’t think anyone would be interested. That and there’s nothing worse than having some band you can’t be bothered listening to hounding you for views and kudos.

But Glitter Punch was different. I didn’t want to let us down, not even for a moment. I was excited by the work we were doing and I wanted to try my absolute best in every area. It was a bit difficult for me at first, but I eventually learned how to tweet and blog in such a way to involve others.

Now I can name a gaggle of excitable people who I know for definite will read, reread, repeat-watch and multiple-comment on anything Glitter Punch related. So, you super fans there reading this – yes, you! – you will be very excited to learn about my long-awaited return to YouTube.

As you should know by now (that is, if I’ve been doing my job properly!) our debut album, Mirrorball Swing, is dropping 31st December. Sadly, though, you guys don’t know a lot about it yet. I plan to solve this by coming out of video blogging retirement and presenting a four-part vlogging series where I take you behind the scenes and describe the experience of forming a collab and writing an album – and indeed everything that will be happening in the last four weeks before its release!

The first video will go up this Saturday, 10th December. Wish me luck!


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