Open Wide

I’ll try not to hide, eyes open wide,
Praying that this time I won’t fall,
Flat on my face, heart out of place,
I’ve gotta get up and go again…

I’ll take the first step, with no regrets,
Lingering there in the back of my mind.
Holding Your hand, walking on sand,
Knowing that You’d never lead me where I’d sink…

Lead me,
Lead me where You want me to go.
Teach me,
All the things that You want me to know.
Keep me,
Walking here in the light by Your side,
And I’ll keep both my eyes, open wide…

When I am afraid, I start to fade,
Into the background, but I know I,
Can hold onto You, pulling me through,
Give me the boldness I need to stand and shine…

© 2004 Caryl Sumner


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