Nature Candy

Fruit is nature’s candy! – Marge Simpson

A truer word never was there spoken… or something… probably with better grammar. You’re getting the dregs of my writing ability due to that dark thing that happens outside about this time… Um, night? Anyway…

Today’s entry will mostly consist of this selection of images from the past week or so’s photo-foraging activities.

Berries and flowers

Berries and late flowers

I’ve tried to arrange the pictures so they follow some sort of chromatic rule, though I’ve cheated here and there with RGB levels and the like to produce a more pleasing composition. In spite of this, I’m still enjoying the effect. And I enjoy getting to walk past these beauties on my way home from work each night.

I think my favourite snap is probably this one. It’s as if this particular bush couldn’t care less that it’s getting cold now. “I’m gonna dang well flower anyway! In orange, no less!”

Tiny orange flowers

Stubborn little blooms


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