Things I do when I’m Ill

I’ve been suffering with one of those half-way-between-cold-and-flu type bugs these past few days. This is more than a little annoying since it was supposed to be my first full week at my new job. This weekend both myself and Dave have been afflicted with the same ailment which has resulted in us shuffling around the house in our pajamas doing the nerdiest of things. Here I am fiddling around with a WordPress blog so it presents good standards of web design, while he rifles through some old C# code he wrote 6 months ago to make it all beautiful and functional.

Red Poppy

My late-planted poppies were just stubborn enough to make their presence known right into the Autumn.

Apparently, one of the best things for a cold (or probably most types of flu-y feelings) is copious amounts of tomatoes. This year the two of us have probably consumed enough tomatoes to make… a big jar of tomatoes.

Dave says harvesting tomatoes was hecka-fun.

But seriously, those two humble little vines given to us by Granddad Derek have definitely earned their keep. This was what we had for tea on Thursday night (except I shoved some brown rice in their too). It was very comforting.

This tasted so nice once it had cooked down.

Another thing I like to do at times like these is make some kind of noodly soup. Now we have plenty of Japanese cooking ingredients in, I can really go to town with what I put in there. Shiitake mushrooms add an unusual tastiness; a bit of the ol’ Kikoman never goes amiss;  and, clearly, two cubes of Brie look good on top of anything.

Corgette, leek, shiitake...

I’m a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to get out the past few days as almost every bush planted along the roadside is dripping with berries in every conceivable shade of red. Luckily, that mysterious shrub we have growing in a pot on our veranda is actually one of the aforementioned varieties. I’ll try and get some more pictures in the week since they’ll probably come in handy for work or something…

They look like little tomatoes.

Is it Lemsip time naow?


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