Time to Reinvent Myself Some More

I always feel really inspired to be creative and confident after an episode of Ugly Betty. So, I decided to finally act on it and do a bit of research into my favourite fashion field, the streets of Japan. After collecting a few images that tickled my fancy, I took what I had learned to … Continue reading Time to Reinvent Myself Some More

Prayer and Fasting

Growing up in a Christian home, I would sometimes ask my mum deep, philosophical questions about certain aspects of the faith, and invariably I'd get some short but overwhelmingly wise response that I didn't fully appreciate at the time.I once asked her about fasting since it wasn't something we did as a family - heck, … Continue reading Prayer and Fasting


Lord,Don't make me choose between good music and music for You.Why must the only avenue I'm brave enough to be take be the road of pleasant acoustic strumming within the wet, reverberating space of an old stone church?Must everything I do for You be so bland?I struggle over sine wave synths and digital distortions that … Continue reading Choice