The Acoustic Cake Project – Transcript

Hello and welcome to the Acoustic Cake Project.
This is me tuning my electric guitar.
This is wrong, I should be on my acoustic.

That’s better.

What is the Acoustic Cake Project?

The Acoustic Cake Project it part of the wider Polymuse project which is the first project in a series from CarylCake 2.0.

It will showcase all of the songs I’ve ever written that can be played primarily using the acoustic guitar and other non-electrical instruments. Yes, that’s right: EVERY SINGLE SONG.

(except the ones I don’t like)

Why are you doing this?

It has occurred to me that I have only ever contributed six of my original songs to the YouTube community.

Six – that’s less than ten percent of my back catalogue.

And yet my channel description notes my style as ‘singer songwriter’.

This is wrong.

I wish to rectify this.

What else?

I want an extensive record of how all my songs sound in case something extraordinarily bad happens, such as being in a desk fan-related incident and losing the ability to recall any musical memory whatsoever.

Also, I like to make documentary portfolios.


For giggles.

Here is a preview of what you can expect this coming week, and in future weeks.

Enjoy the Cake, and Support your Polymuse!


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