Very Open to Interpretation

I blog from my sick bed. I have a good amount of things to do, and no energy to do them. I managed half a load of washing up, answered one e-mail, then decided that’s quite enough for today, thank you.

Actually… I am just going through some of the Paul-filmed wedding video to see if there’s some I can upload to Facebook without a great deal of editing. There are some lovely people that couldn’t make it to see us get married, so I thought it would be nice to share via the medium of a common social networking site…

Hmm, seems it’s going to take about two hours to upload to Facebook. Meh, I have the time.

So, what on earth am I going to be doing in the coming years as the newest addition to Archer Studios?

Dave and I have discussed this at length, and it would seem that giving me an official title with defined roles would do more to hinder my progress than help it. After all, I don’t like the idea of Dave being my ‘boss’ in its traditional sense, but I have no problem with him being the leader. As such I am given the very open-to-interpretation title of Secretary. This is a legal requirement since I will be the one to countersign documents, witness contracts (is that the same thing?), and generally give some accountability to the whole arrangement.

It also means I get to keep up with e-mails, phone calls, letters, networking, and pretty much anything else that needs to be done. I’m taking on marketing, that’s for sure. Dave isn’t what you’d call a ‘shmoozer’, whereas, I pretty much did a module on my degree dedicated to it. Don’t get me wrong – the man knows how to make a good product and sell a good product, but he’s no idea how to package that product so it looks good to a passer-by.

May I introduce the first bit of design and marketing I ever did for the company – the Dial a Dog Wash software, Coordinator.

Until I got hold of it, the software didn’t even have a name, more of a code really (CRM or customer relationship management). I searched my internal thesaurus for a word that would conjure up feelings of organisation and the power to manipulate information with ease. I landed up with Coordinator, and it eventually grew on all parties concerned.

The second thing this good product was in dire need of was some graphics. David liked the idea of the Windows 7 Home Premium colour scheme, so I did a quick Google image search and shamelessly ripped the scheme for my own ends. In terms of fonts, we had both in recent weeks fallen in love with Calibri, so that was our best bet. The first version came out like this:

Of course, as is common with clients in the world of freelancing and contract work, the goalposts moved slightly. Apparently, the company colours had changed from green to blue, so just before it was time to start printing and putting the software together, I was called upon once more to update the colour scheme. I managed to make it look like this:

…which I think looks pretty swish!

I also knocked out a couple of backgrounds for use in David’s Powerpoint presentation, then proof-read and formatted the handbook drafted out by his youngest sister (she did a sterling job).

Needless to say, everyone at the conference was very impressed, practically throwing wads of cash in Dave’s direction so they could get hold of their own copy. It was then we realised we really do make a good team. And, oh, how I’d missed working hard like that to a deadline! Staying up late on your laptop fiddling with the smallest details on image and code? Yes! That’s my line of work, right there.

So, as I approach lunch time (and therefore nap time), I consider how I will while away the next 6 hours before my husband and Company Director returns from a day of bacon-bringing. I don’t know if it’s the copious amounts of paracetamol talking, but I’m really looking forward to seeing him and discussing our next marketing campaign…

To duvet I go!



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