Shiny New Name

Hello all.

As some of you may already know, I got married a week or so ago, so I have been rummaging around the internet trying to fish out and alter any references to my old surname.

Since I haven’t been so well since coming back from honeymoon (darn you, Spain!), I’ve decided to take the opportunity to launch some marketing for my husband’s new company, Archer Studios. I’ve started by updating my twitter, and continue by blogging again here. I’m secretly very pleased that I haven’t got a 9 to 5 job right now. I mean… I’d be immediately taking a good few sick days, and the house is still full of the last lodger’s mess, so working right now would be a nightmare.

I’m on the fence right now, employment wise. The last thing I ever want to do is go back through the Jobcentre Plus system to get my crust and suffer almost constant employer neglect or rejection. Anyone who’s needed to look for work in the past 2 years will know what I’m talking about. The only way forward for me was to leave my jobsearch in the capable hands of an employment agency. But I really don’t want to go down this path again either.

My dream would be this: to work from home, do the housework, buy in the shopping, make graphics, build web pages, blog and tweet, make videos… With Mr. Dave still doing the 9 to 5 as well as trying to keep up with Archer Studios custom, it makes sense for me to hold the fort, both domestically and in a secretarial capacity. And I love that sort of role. I’ve always wanted to be in supportive service rather than leadership. And David is the opposite. In theory, we could be a real powerhouse business team, which is what we both wanted as part of our marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, neither of us are career-driven to the point of forgetting the importance of, for example, snuggling on the sofa for a British-sci-fi-comedy marathon night while eating Angel Delight. We’ve always been a very social couple and know when to dip out of business pressure. I ain’t gonna be no office widow, no!

But we’re both ambitious, both want more out of life than the average, not because the average is bad, but because it’s just not for us.

So, here I am now embarking on something we’ve both talked about constantly for more than 3 years. And yes, people, it is every bit as awesome as I hoped it would be.

Just need to shift this flippin stomach bug… then it’s time for action.



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