Summertaim Now

Such a difficult morning!

For those of us Europeans with farming ancestors, it was daylight savings this weekend, so 6:30 felt like 5:30, and the 7:25 I managed to haul myself out of bed at was, in fact, 6:25.

For some reason, possibly due to my housemate’s visiting dad being on the ball, our heating came on at the right time today. Unfortunately, this was not such as pleasant experience as I had a bit of a temperature and a very raw throat brought on by who knows what.

Every fiber of my being wanted to call in sick, but I had to get up because agency staff don’t get sick pay. Against my best intentions, I had to catch the ‘late bus’ at 8:30. Managed to catch it, but then about 10 mins after leaving the station, the electronics packed in which meant the doors would not close and the information at the front that normally lights up went pitch black. This meant eventually got on the ‘late late bus’.

Needless to say, my intention to get to work early this morning was well and truly scuppered.

Right now I think I could put my head on my desk and fall straight to sleep.


I have recovered somewhat from my ordeal. I’m actually able to keep my head upright. Victory at last! This means I can now have a little chat about my music, what ho!

The next project I am due to complete is In My Hands. I’ve very nearly finished the vocals save for some harmonies and ad lib near the end.

I’ll probably do something with the instrumental parts of the verses too since they’re too guitar-y.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of vocal + beat to get that old hip hop feel.

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