Noi! And other video game in-jokes

I’ve had another addition, just for a bit of fun, ‘Meant for Me’ (2004). This is the equivalent of the last track of my Demo Album, ‘The Best Trouble’ because it’s fun and mostly pointless. It’ll be good to go back to it as it was one of the first recordings I ever made, certainly the first one I did using my trusty keyboard.

My voice sounds hilariously young on that recording, though you can definitely see where I was going with it. The piano sounds really good as I was still doing lessons and playing all the time. I’m only just starting to get my groove back keyboard-wise now; the less quantising by hand I have to do, the better.

Played a bit if Loco Roco last night. I got up to the part with the lil red guy who sings the reggae.
A little later on I found a really old Destiny’s Child song (‘No No No’) on YouTube, of which I’d only previously heard the upbeat remix. Wow, it was good. I forgot what a good band they were, and I only really got into them around the time they released Independent Woman.

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