Following Last Orders

[Please note these entries were first written as a .txt file during those more boring periods of the day where I run out of work]

I think you would call this guerrilla blogging, except I’m not on the internet to do it, and I’m pretty sure no one is going to bother trawling through a text file in My Documents.

This is a good job; it’s easy work, and I get to post letters, just like the good old days.

The people are generally quite fun and take the rip out of the work as much as you would expect in a Council-run project. It’s roles like these that make me realise how much paper work really goes on in this country. There’s too many details to get your head around.

While I was waiting for the bus home last night I realised that even if I only work for today, and until lunch time tomorrow, I will have made more than my week’s JSA and housing benefit. Of course, now I have to start paying tax and council tax again, but it still means I’ll be able to make the rent more easily next month.

It’s a relief to be doing something again, I was getting so tired of applying for jobs I knew I wouldn’t get just so I could fill my end of the bargain benefit-wise. I’ve lost count of the amount of agencies I’m with, which caused no end of confusion last night when I was trying to e-mail them all to tell them the good news.

Is it weird that I had this ‘good feeling about this’ type feeling when I first walked into the agency that was to get me the job? Guess not, sometimes God is kind enough to give you signposts when you really need them. I feel as though I’m at a stage in my faith right now where God is leaving me to make a lot of my own decisions. It’s like, I’ll ask him about something that I deep down know I want (or don’t want) to do, and I feel as though he’s pulling a face and shrugging his shoulders as if to say, “What are you asking me for?”

I want to follow him, clearly, so I just have to trust that he’ll guide me when he wants me to change what I’m doing. There’s a saying that you should, ‘follow most recent orders’ when God appears to be quiet. It’s always worked for me, so here’s to being quiet and faithful!


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