Stop it with the makeoverings!

Today’s comic is inspired by something that happened while I was out Christmas shopping with David the Blog-Jacker.  We were in the St. George’s Shopping Centre headed towards The Pier which was having one of those crazy 50% off sales (probably connected to the Woolworths situation) and had to walk past one of those small business stalls to get there.
Unfortunately, this stall had something to do with luxury mineral facial treatments or something like that, and the lady at the stall aimed hopefully at me while I tried to hide behind Dave, “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?”
And Dave was like, “No…” in that classically grumpy way I find hilarious, and I was like, “Um… No?  Not really?” then ran red-faced into Pier.  When we got in there I was like, “I don’t want to buy your face products!  DON’T MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL!”  And Dave found that to be hilarious too.
Ever wonder where I get my ideas?  Random stuff like this, readers…

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