Just lately things seem to be opening up for me. As small as this may sound, I’ve acquired a microphone stand that is going to be so useful for recording. I also had the opportunity to use the mics from the old Christian Union PA. That convinced me I really need to buy my own…

So, here the plan:

  1. get hold of a couple of relatively cheap dynamic vocal mics
  2. buy some adapters for plugging-into-a-variety-of-places purposes
  3. get some kind of awesome software that will do a little more than my, trusty though it is, naff programme.

Also, I’m thinking of re-recording my old ‘classic’, September Again. A friend recommended I should since I was 18 when I recorded it and have learned a heck of a lot more about music since then.

I’ll keep you posted… Actually, that’s a given since this is a blog.

Oh wells. Tarrah.


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